WOD: 9-13-12

WOD:  4 rounds for time:

20 unbroken Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
30 unbroken Wall Balls (20/14)
50 unbroken Double Unders



I know you read that up there and I  know you know exactly what that means.  Now you know that I know you know, so there is no escaping the fact that those reps have an “unbroken” prefix to them.  Let’s clarify da rulez:

  • unbroken reps means different things based on the exercise
  • the definition of unbroken can change according to the tides or my liking
  • for KBS:  you cannot put the Kettlebell down before you finish 20 reps
  • for the WB:  you cannot put the medicine ball on the floor.  Meaning you have to catch EACH AND EVERY SINGLE rep including the last one and you cannot put it down before you finish 30 reps
  • for the DU:  you cannot mess up.  49 good reps + 1 mess up at the end = not done unbroken

Let me be clear in that you can choose to stop or drop items in this workout as you please.  However, if you would like to do the WOD as prescribed, it shall be done in the fashion listed above.  This will be a good way to challenge those who may breeze through any one portion of today’s workout.  Also please note that you do not get any mulligans if going Rx.  If you drop the Wall Ball on your last rep on your last round, you start off back at 0 (on that round).  Feel free to complain call Josh Plosker on his personal phone and complain…

Just make sure it’s unbroken,



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